Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Python Experience in Gir...

It was a common boring non-rainy day on 7th of July, 2010. When suddenly i got a call from my Snake Master friend, Darshan Vadolia. He came to know that there's a python eating up a spotted deer somewhere in the vicinity of Junagadh, Gujarat. So we hurriedly reach to the place, didnt want to miss even a single moment. But the place was some one and a half hour bike ride from Junagadh. So we reached there as fast as v can.
And after reaching the location, we were anxiously searching for the python. We could see the python scales on the ground, as big as markings made by a truck wheel and assumed that the snake has swallowed the deer. We knew that since the python is fully filled up, he/she cudnt go far away. So we kept following the drag marks. And OMG what were we seeing was a 10 footer python lying amidst the thicket with its tummy filled with a spotted deer. This was first experience of the kind so our adrenaline was rushing high. The tummy of the snake was looking like a warehouse. The snake was unable to move, cud only move its head in all directions taking our scent. I took a couple of photographs and left the snake undisturbed. We saw the complete scene for 10 minutes and didnt want to disturb the gorgeous reptile so decided to leave.
What a moment it was to c a python having a spotted deer in its belly!!!


  1. Its a great start ankit... I am feeling great for you...
    Eagerly waiting for your future blogs.. with the experiences of your past as well...
    I hope i read and comment you regularly on this..
    All the best...

  2. Good start Ankit...Keep it up!

    Hope to have lots of exciting stories from you.

  3. hey this story was superb.
    go ahead & share more talks with us.

  4. Hey buddy, this is exceptional stuff !!!!!!!!!! As I have told you before number of times that you live in heaven and I sometimes envy you for this...... keep going buddy. All the very best...

  5. Great moment u both of u had dosto....cngrt....its a once in lifetime moment...enjoy...god bless you and python....

  6. WoW.. I read those .. stories.. Its fab dude!!! interesting!!!!! :)

  7. wow.... fantastic bro....we really missed...

  8. hey
    i want to snakes dettail in junagadh district